Executives are the building blocks for successful healthcare organizations and teams. Each has unique talents, skills, and experience that should align with the organization’s strategy to drive productivity and results. Our Leadership Assessments provide insight into aspects of mangement aptitude for development for C-Suite and interim executive leadership positions.

Executive Self-Assessment / Peer Assessment

Try our Executive Assessment Survey to rate your own performance and share with your employees to request quality feedback. American Consultants will compile your results and provide you with an analysis of how your team views your performance.

7-Minute Healthcare Executive Aptitude Test

In the healthcare industry, CEOs must navigate the complexities of regulation, rapidly-changing financial structures, public health issues, and more to be successful. The Healthcare Executive Aptitude Test covers 50 topic areas of the Healthcare Industry that a typical CEO could encounter daily.

Employee Satisfaction Assessment

Find out how satisfied your employees are by taking the assessment below. It only takes a minute and may provide some insights into where to prioritize efforts to get or keep the team happy and productive.

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Take our free C-Suite Executive Scorecard to rate your Executives’ performance. American Consultants will compile your results and provide you with an analysis to aid with productive conversations.

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3-Minute Recruitment Effectiveness Assessment

Recruiting has the highest business impact on profit of any talent management function, per recent research conducted by the Boston Consulting Group. Understanding the overall impact recruiting has on the business and then making improvements in hiring efficiency and quality can produce incredible benefits to the organization. The following survey is intended to provide you with insight regarding the effectiveness of your organization’s recruiting process.

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