Interim Leadership

Unexpected vacancies don’t have to derail your patient care. WE CAN DEPLOY THE HELP YOU NEED in days.

Benefits of Interim Leadership


They can be on-site working within days, not months. 


They can give an objective and honest view on what is best for the organization.


They are typically seasoned leaders and able to quickly get a handle on the essential needs of the facility.


They can bring proven strategic ideas and best practices to improve the  overall organization and operation.


They can fix the problems the last leader left behind and pave the way for the new leader.

Our seasoned Interim Professionals bring value to your organization in a variety of functions to include:

Unexpected Vacancies, Department Turnarounds, Survey Readiness, Confidential Transition Planning, Mentorship and Coaching, and Organizational Assessments.

“American Consultants is extremely quick in finding interim talent and professional in their interactions. “

Denise Clark

CNO, Taos, NM


National Deployment 

From small rural medical centers to large urban hospital systems we provide national coverage in a wide array of clinical, financial and operational departments. Our experienced team provides an initial unbiased assessment of our top candidates, then works closely with your hospital administration through all stages of interviewing and on-boarding.

Experienced Leaders

We hand pick interim leaders with proven track records to “hit the ground running” and make a positive impact within your organization from the start.


Our high-caliber Interim Professionals are backed by the entire American Consultants home office team to ensure the details are covered, processes are followed, and your new hire transition is seamless.


Reach out today! A phone call with us is no-obligation.