Five Ways to Retain your Most Valuable Employees

by | Sep 30, 2019 | Business Tips, Leadership, Leadership Library

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, over 2 million Americans voluntarily leave their jobs every month, and a report by Forbes says that number is rising. 

Healthcare workers are in higher demands than ever, so companies need to focus efforts on retaining their current high-performing employees. To beat the attrition odds, leaders can benefit from the following tips:


Begin investing in your employees by asking them directly what they need to feel engaged and satisfied in their jobs. It is essential not just to ask the questions–as a leader you must also show you’ve considered and responded to their feedback. 


Allow your employees to take ownership of their work, let them demonstrate innovative ways to problem solve, and allow them to do so without unnecessary intervention. Empowerment is especially important with millennials, who report feeling like their own boss as a major factor in job satisfaction. Giving your employees more free-range when it comes to accomplishing goals is also a way to empower them. Try allowing a work-from-home day, or establishing more flexible office hours.


Leaders have the power to eradicate unwanted behaviors, attitudes, and agendas within the office. Be on the lookout and identify when bad politics are affecting the group, act quickly, and declare the behavior unacceptable. If needed, coach team influencers on how to lead by example and be willing to terminate chronically disruptive employees. Protect the integrity of your hospital, department, and the peer group by providing a non-negotiable politics-free environment.


When employees feel a leader is unfair, dishonest, or deceitful, it can be a catalyst to quitting. It takes time to build trust, but invested leaders understand the importance of a positive attitude and prove themselves to be dependable, reliable, honest, and ethical. People enjoy working for those who show openness and transparency in the workplace.


Employees find real-time feedback to be not only instructive but also rewarding. Praising your employees for good work lets them know they are valued and appreciated, and often leads to even more diligent work. Forbes also reports this type of feedback increases job satisfaction and engagement levels.

Do you currently make a habit of employing these five behaviors? If not, both you and your company could be facing some personnel issues in the future. Working hard to ensure your employees feel valued and satisfied in their current position is a sure-fire way to keep them around.

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